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Wedding FAQ's

What is your floral design style? We consider our style to be wildly romantic, offbeat and full of floral whimsy. We enjoy nature's offerings with its wild displays and like to imitate that, we create beautiful pieces that are full of texture and interest. All seasons have their show stoppers and we like to work with them. 

What should I budget for my wedding flowers?

Always a tricky one to answer, as there are so many variables. (so many we can’t even begin to list them) We say it's best for you to have a ceiling budget for us to work to, it's our job to maximise your floral spend so we can talk you through what is possible with your budget in mind. We really do just advise our couples to have a frank and honest conversation with us in regards to budgets. There are always ways in which we can save you money and still have the maximum impact whether that would be re- using ceremony flowers in your reception or designing with less costly florals.


‘I don’t know what I want or what flowers to choose, can you help?”

We're experts in turning what's in your head and bringing it to life even if you don’t know what that is yet. Open up Pinterest and save all the things that give you the feels, send it over, this always points us in the right direction and we go from there. We are the flower nerds and don’t expect you to know what flowers are in season or to know your ranunculus from your winter Roses. Once we have your venue, colour scheme and understand your overall vibe we can either take the reins or it can be a full on collaborative affair, either way It’s all a journey to be enjoyed and we are there every step of the way.

What else do you supply other than flowers?

We supply vases, candles, dried flowers and other curiosities. We love to source unique pieces, we spend hours trawling through vintage markets looking for treasures, so just ask if you have something in mind I’m sure we would be able to help.

When should we book you?

There are a few things to have already in place before booking with us, the date, the venue, guest count and a rough budget once you have these get in touch as soon as possible.


What areas do you cover?  Whilst our studio is based in  Greater Manchester we travel all over to make the magic happen.


Do you have any other tips? Find a wedding florist who is excited to work with you and create magic, find someone who you can engage with and trust that they are fully invested in creating something beautiful and authentically you. Above all ENJOY!!!  

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